European Awards

Information about the EBAE

The European Business Awards for the Environment (EBAE)

The European Business Awards for the Environment (EBAE) are presented every two years and aim to recognise and reward European companies that set an example by successfully bringing together innovation, economic viability and environmental concerns. The scheme consists of five awards, rewarding companies for management practices, products, processes, international business cooperation and biodiversity activities that contribute to economic and social development without detriment to the environment

The Awards are a high profile event and participation in the EBAE can benefit companies, through:

  • Demonstrating commitment to improving environmental performance
  • Enhancing company image and promote achievements
  • Exposure in the market place nationally and internationally
  • Recognition in Europe as an environmental champion for the UK
  • Exploiting the competitive advantage associated with greener products, services and activities

How can UK companies enter the EBAE?

RSA Accredited Award winners are the only UK businesses that are permitted to enter the EBAE. Organisations that are eligible for entry to the EBAE will be automatically identified and considered for entry by their feeder scheme. A final short list is prepared with assistance from an independent review panel established with the help of the RSA Awards Forum. This means that the companies put forward are the best for the European competition showcasing the cream of the crop in terms of UK environmental innovation.

To enter the Awards and reap the potential benefits, your organisation must have:

  • Made significant environmental improvements within the work place or to business activities through changes to management policies, products or processes.
  • Won or have been made runner up from one of the RSA Accredited award schemes. Click here for the list of accredited schemes.

If you haven’t won an RSA Accredited award, you may still be able to enter in the future: Contact the most appropriate feeder scheme for your project for details on how to enter their awards. If you are successful then you may subsequently be considered for entry to the European Business Awards for the Environment - but you have to win a UK feeder award first.

What’s the UK’s track record in the EBAE?

The UK is an exemplar throughout Europe due to its success at the EBAE (it has won 10 consecutive rounds, the last one being in 2012 with a double award win for Marks and Spencer and Aquamarine).

I have already won an RSA Accredited Award Scheme and want to know the next steps

Your award scheme will be in contact with all of the information you will need for the next round of European Awards. In the meantime the RSA Environment Awards Forum’s guide to entering the EBAE will provide you with a good starting point. Available for free download here.