EBAE Applicants Zone

Welcome to the EBAE Applicants Zone

Congratulations on being considered as a UK nomination for the 2016 European Business Awards for the Environment (EBAE).

This area of the RSA Awards Forum website is especially for the UK’s eligible award winners to help you through the UK and European 2016 process for the EBAE.

The UK has a dynamic and exciting awards culture and the RSA accredited schemes are the best environment and sustainable awards in the country. Due to the great activity going on the UK, we have done really well at the European level and we hope that you enjoy the experience.

To be put forward as one of the UK’s 12 nominations, you must first be selected by the RSA. All UK winners and runners up from the RSA Accredited Awards schemes are eligible for Europe. If you think that your project is suitable, you must complete the relevant category and submit to the RSA Awards Secretariat by Monday 8 February.

The presentation below gives you an overview of the UK’s EBAE application process. You can download the presentation to listen to the accompanying audio (indicated with the speaker button on relevant slides).

Please also read the Guidance on completing the EBAE forms – the application form that you need to complete is available at the bottom of each category award page.

Make sure you avoid the common application pitfalls by reading our "Common Errors" page.

The awards are offered in four categories and one sub-category. The main objectives together with the criteria for judging each category are as follows:

  1. Management
  2. Product and Services
  3. Process
  4. International Business Cooperation
  5. Business and Biodiversity