I Want to Enter an Award

Information about why and how to enter an Award

Why should I enter an RSA Accredited Award Scheme?

  • Enjoy the assurance that the award scheme you are entering is credible and run along the lines of best practice
  • Gain the opportunity to enter the prestigious European Business Awards for the Environment if you are made a winner or runner-up
  • Receive increased positive publicity for the business and promotion for certain products through verified promotional channels
  • Associate yourself with industry recognised award titles
  • Maximise your potential to access new markets in the UK and overseas
  • Benchmark yourself against your competitors

How do I enter?

Discover which RSA Accredited award scheme is best for you by clicking here.

I need a little help

The RSA Environment Awards Forum’s guide to entering environment and sustainable development award schemes is here to help. The guide has been written with the aim of maximising the chances of winning an award and is based on the experience of those who have sponsored, organised, entered, judged and won awards. Download it for free here.