About the Forum

Background information about the Environment Awards Forum

What is the RSA Environment Awards Forum?

The RSA Environment Awards Forum is an online environment which provides up to date information and news concerning environmental and sustainable development issues. It aims to stimulate and actively encourage innovation in environmental and sustainable development practice throughout the UK.

The Forum was created by Fellows of the RSA, and therefore offers a wealth of professional advice and expertise on issues in this field. It offers an opportunity for interested parties to make links, network, learn from one another, and subsequently work collaboratively in driving forward the agenda and making best use of RSA resources. It also provides information regarding all environmental award schemes in the UK, their aims and how to become involved with them. It encourages the creation of new awards and provides guidance and advice on best practice on running award schemes.  

Within this, the Forum presents an accreditation scheme that recognises awards that meet a range of objective standards. This ensures that there is a benchmark for awards that make real progress towards sustainability and environmental improvement.