Thursday, April 24, 2014
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Somerset Wildlife Trust


Somerset Wildlife Trust 'Restoring Habitat for Dormice in Somerset'
Biffawards 2010
Main Grant - Rebuilding Biodiversity
Aim: The aim of this project is to restore and create habitat for the Hazel Dormouse in Harridge Woods and Cheddar Wood.

Project Summary:
This protected mammal is mainly absent from the north of the UK and its distribution only patchy in the south. There is evidence of dormice breeding in Harridge Woods as recently as five years ago, and evidence of dormice currently in Cheddar Wood. The project will be delivered through the following actions: practical management works to restore habitat; an independent reserves management plan will evaluate actions taken to date, and recommend future actions, looking at sustainability of wildlife and the economic potential of the woods; habitat monitoring to assess impact of the works.

Beneficiaries: 3500 people plus 20 volunteers

  • Restore and create habitat for the Hazel Dormouse
  • Monitor the presence of dormice through woodland management works, a management plan, and survey work
  • Promote biodiversity by benefiting other important species, including greater and lesser horseshoe bats, purple gromwell and starved wood sedge

RSA Environment Awards Secretariat, IMS Consulting, St. Nicholas House 31-34 High Street, Bristol BS1 2AW

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